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Plastic magnet is different from the traditional magnetic craft which made by mixing the magnetic particle with plastic medium, mixed and heated by the injection machine and then rip the mixture into the mould to get different shapes of production, this kind of process makes the plastic magnetic has some unique advantages:

·The precise magnet with complex shape can be made very easily.

·During the subsequent assembly and use the magnet is hard to   crack.

·It can form in one piece with inlaid element easily.

Therefore the inject magnets are usually used for some peculiar requirements and the situation which other skills can not be very competent.

At the present time, the main kinds of magnetic particle used in the Plastic Magnet material: Ferrite, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Samarium-Cobalt and SmFeN. The plastic magnet media include Nylon 6 Nylon12 and PPS clients can order their requirements of performance cost and use occasion to make decisions.

We can also base on the operating requirements to give our clients an optimal performance recommendation.

For the anisotropic magnetic powder, we orientate the magnetic field when during the injection process this can greatly enhance the magnetic property and improve the performance price . Such kind of technic has a high technical requirement to the mixture and mould so it can completely represent the highest technical merit in the plastic Magnet manufacturing engineering area.

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